Top 6 Most Popular Romantic Foods

Top 6 Most Popular Romantic Foods

Oooh la la, seeing today we are celebrating love we wanted to show you the top 6 most popular romantic foods.

Crave them, long for them, and of course, add them to your Valentine’s Day menu. They pair perfectly with cupid and are sure to keep you out of the dog house!

So, which romantic foods are the most popular?

We took to the internet to find out. First, we gathered the most commonly mentioned romantic foods from various top 10 articles. We removed the less obvious choices such as whipped cream, spaghetti, and artichokes (if you have ever considered artichokes your romantic go-to, you are doing it wrong). Then we took a peek at search data to see which of these foods people loved to Google the most.

6: Chilli pepper (60,500 monthly searches)

Not to be confused with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 🎸🎶.

Chilli peppers are commonly listed as a top food to inspire those lovey-dovey feelings. Time to spice things up a little? 🔥🌶

5: Truffles (165,000 monthly searches)

When it comes to truffles, there are two kinds: the chocolate kind and the mushroom kind. Chocolate is thought to be the reigning romantic food (it actually isn’t as you will find out). 🍫😱

Truffles are a very rare kind of mushroom. So, instead of giving her a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year, try… a box of mushrooms? 🍄😒

4: Chocolate (368,000 monthly searches)

Chocolate needs no introduction. Chocolate is probably the one food we can all agree on. 🍫😍

Perhaps this is because chocolate contains a stimulant similar to the chemical released in the brain when you fall in love. No wonder it ranks so high on this list! 🧠💘

3: Fig (450,000 monthly searches)

Cleopatra reportedly adored figs. Needless to say, figs are associated with a bounty of fascinating stories, not the least of which has been their huge role in traditions surrounding fertility.🤰👑

If your lovebug wants flowers for Valentine’s Day, you could give them a bouquet of figs, which are (technically speaking) flowers, not fruit. 💐🤗

2: Honey (1,000,000 monthly searches)

Honey is the sweet golden nectar of the gods, and it has a longstanding reputation for romance. 🐝🍯

Besides boasting a wealth of health benefits, honey is just downright delicious. But the top and final romantic food on our list is almost as sweet and certainly just as divine. 💋😘

1: Wine (1,500,000 monthly searches)

We know, we know. Strictly speaking, wine is a beverage, not food – but we hope you won’t hold that against us.🍷🍇

Wine is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in existence and has more than earned its place in the top spot on this romantic foods ranking. Combine red wine and chocolate? That packs a powerful punch indeed! 💞🥊 (That’s why it’s always a good idea to include our wine pairing option when booking your ticket for a romantic event at Dinner Time Stories SA with Le Petit Chef).

Let us know if your favourite romantic food didn’t make it onto our list! 👇

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