Dietary Requirements

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Le Petit Chef’s menu accommodates all dietary requirements.Β 

πŸ΄πŸ‘‹ Are you tired of feeling left out when dining out due to your dietary restrictions? πŸ€”

Well, worry no more! 😌 Le Petit Chef has got you covered! πŸ’―

We understand that everyone has different dietary needs and preferences, and that’s why our menu is designed to accommodate everyone! 🌟 Yes, you heard that right – everyone! 😍

πŸ”πŸ•πŸŒΏ Le Petit Chef never reveals his mouth-watering menu, but we can assure you that we can accommodate vegetarian and pescatarians with or without seafood options. πŸŸπŸ™ And, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you’re Halaal or Kosher observant – our menu is friendly and certified! πŸ•ŒοΈπŸ΄Β 

🍜πŸ₯— But wait, there’s more! πŸ€” We cater to vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets too!Β Β 

🌱🍞πŸ₯› And, if you don’t want to eat a specific part of the meal, no problem! πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈπŸ΄ You can simply leave it aside and still enjoy the rest of the delicious courses. πŸ½οΈπŸ‘ŒΒ 

πŸ”πŸ•πŸŒΏ So, what are you waiting for? πŸ€” Come hungry and enjoy our 6/7 courses! πŸ΄πŸ”πŸ•Β Β 

πŸ’‘ And, don’t forget to let us know about your dietary requirements when you check in on the day of the show. πŸ“πŸ˜Š We’ll take care of the rest! πŸ™Β 

πŸ΄πŸ‘‹ Don’t miss out on the culinary experience of a lifetime! 🌟 

Book your tickets now and indulge in Le Petit Chef’s delicious and accommodating menu! πŸ’₯🍽️ 

πŸŽ₯πŸ”” Don’t miss out! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more awesome videos!

Dinner Time Stories SA and Le Petit Chef SA present an unmissable limited-time ⏰ pop-up sensory extravaganza that will blow your mind!

Prepare for a breathtaking, innovative, unique, and internationally acclaimed gastronomic experience.

Get ready for a feast filled with fun, surprises, and mind-boggling 4K tabletop projections that will engage your senses in a one-of-a-kind spectacle! 🌟🎭🍽️

With every story and course, the mood, music, table settings, and authentic imported props change, immersing you in the most visually stunning and enchanting experience you’ll ever witness – we guarantee it! 🌟✨

To learn more or make a reservation, contact us today via phone, WhatsApp, or email.Β 

For more information:Β Β | Call or WhatsApp during office hours only (081) 266-2661.Β Β 

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